• Is this course entirely online?

    Not quite! The majority of this course will be completed online, at your own pace. The final class is in person at The Healing Center in Beverly, MA. You'll have a selection of dates to choose from for your final class upon completion of the online portion.

  • How long will it take for me to finish this course?

    That is entirely up to you! One reason I was eager to offer a hybrid course like this was to accommodate more people and the varying schedules they have. You can take your time (you'll have lifetime access to the course), and schedule your final in-person class whenever you feel ready to.

  • Will I be certified after completing the course?

    Yes! After you complete the online portion and the final in-person class, you will receive a certificate designating you as a Reiki I Practitioner.

  • What will I gain from taking this course?

    The short answer is what WON'T you gain?? Level 1 Reiki training brings your awareness back to this powerful connection that is innate in all of us. You learn how to use energy as a tool for healing, and the benefits of this practice are countless.

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Why Learn the Practice of Reiki?


  • Katherine Oregel

    Reiki Master Teacher & CYT 200

    Katherine Oregel

    (pronouns: she/her) For nearly 6 years I was part of the world of home health care as both a Certified Nursing Assistant and an Administrative Assistant/Scheduler. As much as I loved certain aspects of this work, I knew it wasn’t fulfilling me in the way that I truly needed it to. I began my journey into Reiki in 2013 by taking Reiki 1 with Joanna Scaparotti at The Healing Center after seeking out something to complement my Yoga practice. I immediately fell in love with this method of energy healing and felt called to continue the path. I completed Reiki 2 as well as Reiki Master & Teacher courses, also with Joanna, determined to one day open my own business offering and teaching Reiki to others. In August of 2015, the Universe placed an opportunity in my lap that I hadn’t even known I was waiting for. I purchased The Healing Center and took over ownership from Joanna, and since then it has grown and evolved alongside me as I’ve navigated the sometimes severe ups and downs of my life. To broaden my experience and delve deeper into my passion for Yoga, I enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training instructed by Marc St. Pierre through Yoga Sakti in Salem that finished in 2018, and it has been such a joy to add Yoga offerings to The Healing Center. I practice yoga, meditation, veganism, and sobriety in my personal daily life in addition to Reiki. I firmly believe in the power of both energy and movement as instruments for healing and I believe that they should be as accessible and inclusive as possible. Overall I try to live a well balanced life, and use my skills to help others!